FALL 2010

  1. CSC2231 Special Topics in Computer System: Cloud Computing Processors, Prof. E. de Lara


  1. ECE1724 Special Topics in Software Engineering: Programming Massively Parallel Graphics Processors, Prof. A. Moshovos

  2. ECE1762 Algorithms and Data Structures, Prof. A. Veneris

  3. CSC2515 Introduction to Machine Learning, Prof. R. Zemel

FALL 2009

  1. ECE1747 Parallel Programming, Prof. C. Amza

  2. ECE1724 Special Topics in Software Engineering: Dependable Systems, Prof. A. Goel

  3. CSC2209 Computer Networks, Prof. Y. Ganjali


  1. ECE1771 Quality of Service, Prof. B. Li

  2. ECE1541 Communication Networks I, Prof. S. Valaee

FALL 2007

  1. ECE1500 Stochastic Processes, Prof. B. Liang

  2. ECE1502 Information Theory, Prof. F. R. Kschischang

  3. ECE1505 Convex Optimization, Prof. W. Yu